GDPR Data Protection and Security Audits

From £1,500 – £12,000

Lets be clear

Our Data Protection Audits will describe the breaches, suggest the order in which you approach tackling them and where you will need help. They can be up to 200 pages long. They are extremely practical, Entrepreneurs like to know the risk, FDs like to know the cost and IT and HR want to know what to do.

Why are so many businesses having data protection audits?

• The Law has changed
• The fines are immense £20m or 4% of global turnover whichever is the higher
• You can now be criminally convicted
• The governing body (the ICO) has vastly improved teeth and claws
• Someone in the boardroom is responsible
• Every single business audited has been non-compliant
• Owners want to know the Risk
• FDs need to understand the Cost
• IT and HR want a GANTT chart
• Your clients and customers expect you to get it right
• Because there’s very little time to get things right

How are the audits carried out?

This depends on your business, some being more complex than others. For example an accountancy or law firm will process a lot of personal data, often across a broad spectrum of software and a care home or private hospital may have onerous laws to comply with. Whereas a software engineering firm might only have employee and marketing data. As a result audits are either carried out, online, by phone, or on-site. There is always a pre-audit questionnaire.

What will the audit provide

The report can be up to 200 pages covering all your data protection and security requirements. We use a traffic light system with a proposed time line to implementation. This describes exactly which breaches should be tackled in which order.

How long will my audit take?

From 1-10 days

How long until I get the report

2 weeks

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