Data Compliance

Here to help you through these times of change

Let’s be clear about you

  • You want to be clear about the law and how you need to change to comply
  • You want our reports to be clear and readable
  • Owners want to be clear about the risk
  • FDs want to be clear about the cost
  • Compliance HR and IT want to be clear about what to do by when
  • You want our pricing to be clear

Let’s be clear our vision

  • “Data protection and Cyber Security is the most exciting industry of this century so far”
  • Technological change is a constant
  • We are in a fledgling data economy
  • Brands will be defined by their data integrity
  • Data is the oil and can be the asbestos of the new business economy
  • Unprotected Good Guys will inadvertently become Bad Guys
  • Decent unprotected businesses will be litigated against and crushed
  • The Bad Guys will constantly adapt
  • The protected businesses will catch a cold and get better resistance the unprotected will get pneumonia

Let’s be clear about our ethos

Improving our knowledge will improve the safety and effectiveness of your business
Every over spend or inefficiency in Chartered Developments will lead to a corresponding decrease in client satisfaction

You want us to get off the fence and give you an opinion