Specialist Sectors

Let’s be clear

All our clients are treated as special. However for some industries dedicated sector knowledge is essential to offer a special service. Across the SME market there are similar issues and solutions. There are, however, some markets where there are special nuances where, to offer valuable audits, training and subject access request management, we have decided to go deep:

Charities / Not for Profit | Accountants | Lawyers & Barristers |The Healthcare Market

Within these industries there are distinctions by virtue of:

  • Enforcement by their governing bodies
  • The way client money is held
  • The age or vulnerability of customers
  • The volumes of data processed
  • The sensitivity of data processed
  • The % of staff with access to sensitive data
  • The volumes of external entities where data is shared


The Charities sector is wide and varied, from Housing associations to Children’s Charities some local others with global reach. Unfortunately due to disreputable practices of a few, the majority are in the spotlight. We know trustees are worried about their personal position, therefore our audits and training focus on compliance and risk mitigation before looking at the opportunities. There are undoubtedly brand opportunities. Great and overt data compliance is now a given in the marketing of charities.


Accountants process large volumes of sensitive data, often hold significant volumes of data for marketing, many still have paper files and archives. In some cases they are still unlimited partnerships. We have been working with accountants for a very long time, understand most of the issues you face and how practices are set up. As a result we know what the important issues are, where the risks lie and importantly the most effective ways of dealing with them.

Lawyers and Barristers

Notoriously poor at CRM, lots of paper archived, hugely sensitive data, aging owners with below average grasp of technology, paranoid about compliance, many still in vulnerable partnerships, SAR rules, often a business in silos invariably created through M & A, partners with significant volumes of data in paper or excel little black books.

Ensuring a legal firm and their owners are compliant is solely a matter for experts. Our deep understanding and years of experience, will not only give us short cuts to keep your fees low but also ensure that those hard to detect holes in your defences are secure. We have found that one of the key benefits of our knowledge is to be able to offer the most cost effective solutions.


Healthcare providers are particularly vulnerable. There are a whole raft of new and in some cases onerous requirements.
The threat to Healthcare Providers is also acute as breaches might lead to the loss of your right to trade.

As you have a duty of care to your patients / clients the ICO also has a duty to ensure that you care for their data.