Join us for a Master Class in Sector Targeting

on 28th May 2012 (1:00pm to 2:00pm)

Prospects & Clients love a Sector Specialist

Organising clients & prospects by sector rather than service can give a greater return on marketing investment. We will look at why it works, including evidence to support the view that clients prefer sector specialists, along with practical steps to work within sectors.

  • Differentiation is the only strategy
  • Resonant messages open doors and wallets
  • Once partners get it they love it
  • It’s marketing made easy
  • 15 practical tips

Only £29 per person.

“I recently listened to a webinar, provided by Chartered Developments, on questioning technique.  I felt the session was very interesting, as it provided constructive scenarios that really made you think about your approach”  Partner, Four Fifty Partnership.