Charity sector calls for advice from Professional Practices

By June 9, 2016News
marketing to the Charity sector

The Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, recently issued a rallying call at the launch of Fundraising Week. Mr Wilson gave a stark warning that ‘Public trust and confidence in charities overall has plummeted‘. Given the vast array of changes such as the new Fundraising Regulator, variations in the way the finances are reported and a rise in legal challenges it is no wonder that many are feeling the strain.

Demand for Change in the Charity sector

Mr Wilson’s demand for change in ‘culture and practices’ seems likely to provoke fervent discussion across the third sector. This is in addition to long standing issues around the security of funding, evolving HR requirements and an increasing demand for charitable services. This is creating a vacuum for skilled professional advisors whether in accounting, legal, HR, marketing or pensions.

The emphasis seems to be that charities should be run in the same model as that of a successful business. Investing in strategic business plans, process modelling, formal contracts and financial systems will help to deliver leaner and more effective operations. By running the organisation as effectively as possible there should be more energy for front line services and those that depend on the valuable support offered.

It should be highlighted that there may be a skills shortage within charities on how to deliver these changes. Income for many is an issue with some reliant on a very narrow and vulnerable stream of funding. Others are risking reputations by asking too frequently for donations from a narrow pool of benefactors. For those running charities it may be too much to ask for solutions to these complex issues without outside help.

Urgent advice and guidance needed from professional practices

If you are involved with a professional practice that can advise charities there is a clear need for urgent advice and guidance. The call to mobilisation from government has created a stir in the sector with many charities unsure of which way to turn. Tough decisions are ahead for charities, the words of Rob Wilson resonate ‘Charities need to do everything in their power to meet this challenge absolutely head on.’ It must only be right for professional advisors to rise to the challenge and make their voice heard.

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