Introducing Chris Woodward-Biddle

By December 3, 2019December 20th, 2019Blog

As a business with over twenty years of trading history and fantastic staff retention rates, nothing is more important to us than our people. Recruiting the right mix of personalities, experience and new ideas is fundamental to help us grow in line with our Company objectives.

Our recent appointment of Chris Woodward-Biddle is no exception. The new Head of Commercial has exactly the right level of experience and enthusiasm to ensure he is perfectly matched to the Chartered Developments ethos. As Head of Commercial, Chris has a holistic overview of all business coming into Chartered Developments, whether new business or from existing clients, and works across all departments to ensure we continue delivering exceptional service.

I sat down with Chris to find out a little about his background, his aspirations for Chartered Developments and his approach to the world of sales and marketing.

‘Immediately before Chartered Developments, I worked at Equiniti PLC, an FTSE 250 business leading on RegTech, BPO and Digitisation. I was there for just over six years focusing predominantly on data and digitisation solutions for well known UK & International brands.’

I asked Chris what appealed to him about Chartered Developments.

‘There are huge opportunities that arise with the quality of service Chartered Developments offers. I recognised that the tailored and intelligent approach to virtual sales teams that Chartered Development prioritises gives the company a real point of difference in the marketplace. I share the Board’s commitment to investing in technology, processes and people, and that, on top of our fantastic client base, means it’s an exciting time to join the team.

I then asked Chris how and why he believes telemarketing is still a powerful marketing strategy in today’s digital world.

‘Marketing & Sales are inextricably linked, and at their core revolve around compelling storytelling. Digital platforms and media are an invaluable tool and should be part of every marketer’s mix to engage and communicate with their target audience.

Increasingly we talk about personalisation and ‘human-centricity’ and how we can embed these things into our communications. What is more personal or human than a conversation?

Nearly every single piece of business I have done has started with a phone call. In the end, the best strategy for most businesses involves a mix of channels, but the ability to have direct contact with decision-makers, to share messaging and gather insight through one-to-one conversation is powerful and I believe it holds a central position in any business development strategy’

Finally, I asked Chris what his ambitions were within the company – what his short-term and long-term aims at Chartered Developments were:

‘In the short-term, I want to ensure that I completely understand this company, find out what makes it tick. Ultimately, I want to use the experience and skills I’ve built up over my career to help grow and shape the company in line with the strategic programme.’

One thing is clear, with Chris on board, Chartered Developments will continue to flourish.