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Meadows & Co Case Study

By March 3, 2020March 19th, 2020Blog, Case Studies

At Chartered Developments, we understand the importance of developing our clients. Our approach to telemarketing means that our contact with the businesses who outsource their lead generation to us is direct and regular.

We aren’t a company who keeps our distance: we recognise the importance of building and maintaining a relationship with our clients with the understanding that it is this relationship that leads to the nuanced and intelligent telemarketing that Chartered Developments is known and respected for.

Take Meadows & Co Ltd.

A firm of Chartered Accountants who have had over a century of experience working with clients to deliver accounting and business services ranging from auditing to exit planning, Meadows & Co. have a proactive and forward-thinking approach that has seen the company thrive with the advent of in-house accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks.

In 2001 they turned to Chartered Developments to run a number of telemarketing campaigns aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in the Kettering and Central Midlands area.

Our process began by segmenting the target market and building a complete and detailed awareness of the local market that rivals most of the businesses based there.

This immersion in the target area was essential for a successful campaign – the difference between our approach and others is the importance we place on intelligence.

We made sure that any intelligence we gathered on behalf of Meadows & Co was carefully recorded and passed back to them on a regular basis, to empower them to recognise the prospects who are worth targeting before they commit elsewhere.

For over 18 years, we have been the custodian of Meadows & Co.’s sales pipeline. We’ve taken on the role of their business developer and marketer, freeing up time and money for them to dedicate to the delivery of their core services. Our involvement has helped the company maintain a high client retention rate, and has helped to build a new client base, with our efforts achieving, on average, one fully qualified sales appointment a week for the last five years.

But don’t take our word for it. Duncan Childs, a director of Meadows & Co.,  has found Chartered Developments to be an invaluable component in the success of the company:

“Meadows & Co has engaged Chartered Developments marketing support for over 18 years. We have gained many new clients based upon their telemarketing and associated services expertise. We have always found their service provision to be professional and efficient and we are pleased to recommend them”

And Meadows & Co. isn’t alone in reaping the rewards that Chartered Developments can bring. Numerous companies from accountants such as Meadows & Co. to law firms, in sectors from healthcare to technology, have taken Chartered Developments on to help lead their lead generation, and in all cases, we have undertaken to provide a personalised and intelligent service.

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