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Tech Savvy Accountants & Lawyers

By June 11, 2021June 21st, 2021Blog

If you build Playbooks for your target markets, the Fintech Entrepreneur Persona will look something like this.

Degree and MSC
Driver, Analytic
Dress code
Snappy smart casual
Online; sector sites, games, whodunnit
Alumni, sector specific, others like them
Gaming, fitness, investing, likes to unravel a mystery & charity

How to market to them

Initial contact

Phone or WhatsApp call, some of our clients are dropping a video introduction.

Get to the point quickly

Your differentiators should show faster, more efficient, use of tech, specialisms like Bitcoin audits, your team are global and home based, you understand their sector.


Meals out with similar types, Chatham House Round Tables, think dating, interviews / podcasts.

When you meet them

  • Dress to kill, they’ll never admit it but they like money and the trappings
  • Partner profile should match the prospect, see the world through their eyes
  • Give them confidence by knowing a lot about their success to date
  • Flatter them through detailed questioning of them and their business
  • Hold opinions on your solutions and allow discussion
  • Close hard (they want strong advisors)

What will Chartered Developments do.
You will gain three main outputs from us:-

  • A constant flow of meetings
  • A developing pipeline to nurture
  • Market intelligence on your competitors

Our experience
For a 2 minute explanation here.

‘Note, this recording focuses on accountants and equally applies to law, investment management and other consultancies’

Our fees?
Minimum £1,500 a month.

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