Business development sounds simple,

but it isn’t

When it comes to B2B marketing lead generation,
you only have one chance to make a first impression.

That’s why we’ll carefully handpick experienced professionals who have the right attitude, knowledge and confidence to work on your campaign. Whether you’re targeting SMEs or corporates, they’ll use their years of experience to represent you in the best light and ensure that your messaging resonates with your prospects.

Working with you not for you

Forming and nurturing new relationships with your clients is only part of the story. Our relationship with you is just as important to us.

As well as finding us professional, knowledgeable and efficient, we want you to view us as part of your team.

We’ll collaborate with you, combining our expertise with your market knowledge, to develop compelling B2B marketing campaigns.

Our Client Services Team will be on hand at all times to support the development of your campaigns, providing feedback, ideas, regular progress updates, management information and reporting.

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Your team only better

Telemarketers require extensive training, expertise and motivation as well as access to quality data in order to deliver outstanding results.

Providing them with the resources they need is both expensive and time-consuming.

We can provide everything you need from optimised data through to lead generation, telemarketing and even sales coaching. Our services are cost-effective, flexible and come highly recommended.

Throw away the script

The most successful sales calls don’t feel like sales calls at all. Our conversations flow naturally with prospects unaware of our careful qualification and information gathering.

Whilst achieving your B2B marketing goals, such as arranging appointments or setting up demos, we’ll gather valuable market information about your prospects’ changing needs, renewal dates, buying cycles and even your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Meet the team

Behind our team of professional telemarketers is an experienced support network.

Key personnel include data specialists who ensure that we maximise opportunities by targeting the right prospects, our training development manager who provides industry-leading training and mentoring and our client services associates who motivate, engage and monitor progress.

They, in turn, are supported by our well-established Management Team whose members include Peter Rosenwald, one of our original co-founders; our managing director, Anita Turner; and Janet Green, operations director. Collectively, our Management Team has decades of experience in helping our clients to achieve their objectives.

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Peter Rosenwald

Peter Rosenwald


Anita Turner

Managing Director

Janet Green

Operations Director

Tasmin Moss

Tasmin Moss

Head of Business Development

Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan

Associate Director

Matt Dring

Training Development Manager

Shaun Headlam

Operations Manager