Debbie Forrest

Senior Client Relationship Manager

As one of our customer service associates, Debbie shares the responsibility for making sure that campaigns run smoothly. She uses her experience to ensure that the right data and customised messaging is in place before her team of telemarketing specialists starts making calls. During campaigns, she supports her colleagues by measuring and optimising call strategies, helping them to build strong relationships and guaranteeing that our clients receive a warm welcome at face-to-face meetings with their prospects.

During her 15 years at Chartered Developments, Debbie has developed particular expertise in generating leads in the healthcare sector. She manages our relationship with AISMA (the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants) as well as working with clients from charities, law firms and IT companies.

High on Debbie’s list of personal values are respect, honesty and clarity.

Outside work she enjoys spending time with her five granddaughters, reading, socialising and going on holiday.