Corporate Hospitality

Directors and managers with a responsibility or just a penchant for corporate hospitality can be a goldmine for Fine Dining and Corporate Event venues.

Our core business supports the marketing of Actuaries, Accountants, Lawyers, Asset Managers and IT. Through us they meet FDs , CEOs, Sales Directors etc. So when we accidentally started working in fine dining it was a perfect fit: Intelligent, refined, professional staff, state of the art technology and reporting, in short everything you need.

Our service

We help you create leads.

Our service is bespoke and can include; data supply and management, digital and creative support, phone based lead generation and nurturing, research, surveys, pipeline management and business development training.

Data; We’ll buy clean and verify a list of the right businesses for you to target. These are invariably; profitable, large employers within a distance of your establishment.

Phone based introductions; Marc or one of the team will call the businesses, make
Introductions to the right people, arrange taster sessions or whatever promotion you use, gather all the right permissions for marketing and IMPORTANTLY find out how they might promote your venue to their staff (all employee emails, intranet, old Fashioned notice board).

Data and nurturing; you can use the data for; mailings, emails, following on twitter, linkedIn etc. We will be constantly nurturing potential customers by phone, we also have a digital division should you need their help.

Does the investment stack up? Over 2 years you should build, up to, 150 businesses using you twice a year at, conservatively, £500 each time = £150,000+ Our clients usually contract for between £600 and £1,000 per month. There are set up fees for data etc. but they aren’t huge.

Our clients

Employee benefits
UK, US and EMEA Law Firms
Funds administrators
Asset / Investment Managers
Technology suppliers
Alternative finance / fin tec
Scheme actuaries and risk managers
Fiduciary managers
DC Master Trusts

Their range of target markets

UK DB/DC Schemes
EMEA Endowments & Funds
Eastern European Oil
Middle Eastern Financial Institutions
IFAs / Intermediaries
Local and Central government
US and EMEA endowments