b2b telemarketing


Specialised degrees, industry segmentation, training, certificates, licenses, the division of public and private sector expertise… there are so many factors that can make the recruitment process difficult. This is before we even begin to consider the ever-increasing demand for accountants and lawyers across the UK or (dare we mention it?) Brexit.

Traditionally, HR Departments have looked to recruitment agencies, head-hunters and contractors to “fill the gap”, however these can be expensive options.

Say hello to new talent and goodbye to traditional recruitment with our
new candidate sourcing service.


We will provide you with clear feedback on what your organisation needs to do in order to be as attractive as possible to prospective candidates. From appropriate employee benefits to the way you position and sell yourself online.


Our clients have said working with us, rather than a conventional recruiter, results in substantial cost savings. This is owing to the fact that our costs are not based on a percentage of the salary of any placements.