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NEW: Autumn 2020. What now for further education?

  • There hasn’t been a catastrophic fall in UK students, in fact quite the reverse. There is a hole in some overseas placement numbers, some Asian countries in particular.
  • The imperative for our clients seems to be employability programmes, MBAs, apprenticeships etc.
  • Businesses do have training and development requirements and budgets, obviously some have been slashed. One finding that our telemarketing team, working for higher education, has found is that businesses are unaware of the huge changes that universities have made to courses and curriculum.
  • NOW seems to be a first responder market. Those that are reaching out to business with the new reality, are winning the attendance numbers and hopefully the subsequent years of loyalty.

Our solution in focus

A Midlands based university

Objective to create leads for the range of ‘corporate development courses’


Database of 1,400 local SMEs and Corporates and 900 regional Corporates

Database cleaned and verified for Head of Training / HR and Operations

50 hours telemarketing a month to create circa  7 leads a month

Other outputs include a growing ‘with permission’ email database and LinkedIn following

What does our team say?

Marc Hughes:  Marc joined Chartdev in 2004

“I think the reason we are successful at creating leads for further education is because we are trained to have broad conversations with HR, Training, FD and Operations. Our other clients are accountants, lawyers and employee related solutions. This gives us a huge ‘experience’ to draw from when discussing business needs.”

Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan: Head of client services

“I concur with Marc. However we are here to create leads and manage databases of prospects. Marc and the rest of the team all have over 5 years experience in lead generation. They are trained to discuss, uncover a need and close. Where this isn’t possible they gather data, such as email addresses, with permission.

I believe it is our discipline that makes the team a right fit for further education.”


Full BPO or cherry pick services

Data sourcing and optimisation

Lead generation


Business development coaching

Testimonial and accreditations

By working together, we have gained many new clients, raised awareness of our accountancy and business advice services and benefitted from intelligence which has helped us shape new services to best meet clients' needs.

Duncan Childs - Meadows and Co.A client since 1998!

Accredited for 5 years.

FSQS: Those in further education may not know FSQS by Hellios. It is a very high standard for Risk Management and Compliance used by the Financial Services sector; Banks, Building Societies and Investment Managers. For Further Education it means that our data compliance, security and processes are up to the standard you should expect from an outsourced supplier.

This is a first responder market

A ‘first responder market’ means the early bird catches the worm. It is where there is exceptional return on marketing investment. It rarely lasts long and has long lasting effects. Those that get in early, reap the short-term wins and capitalise through long term loyalty. This loyalty, as we know, creates a barrier to entry. As they say in private equity ‘over resource in the short term, to win long term rewards.’

MSCs, MBAs, Apprenticeships

Now is not the time to wait and see. Now is the time to reach out to the budget holders in business.