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Our First Legal Client
Joined us In 2001

Imagine a week which covers these programmes: employment, restructuring, corporate finance, global ‘labor’ law, business class action, final salary pensions law and a specialism in growing tech businesses.

No wonder our team enjoy working for law firms

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2023 – Changes to lead generation for Lawyers
  • Law firms seem to be in two camps. Those that have taken on new tech to become faster and more efficient and those that CAN’T cope with work levels. If you are the former, then you have a huge opportunity, don’t miss it.
  • SMEs & corporates have a plethora of issues and legal needs. The obvious ones are employment, debt / property negotiation and restructuring. There is also pent up demand for decisions that were not taken during lockdown.
  • The ‘contracted’ HR suppliers are not law firms and the word from our lead generation team is that MDs, FDs and HR are experiencing a lower than expected level of service.
  • Finally, some industry sectors are experiencing growth, with all the incumbent legal requirements.
  • All in all NOW is an excellent time to go to market.
About Us

In 2000 we worked with the Law Society Professional Ethics Team. To help members interpret the CODE and how to apply it to marketing.

2021/2 Our clients include one of the globes largest and a full range of UK regional and national legal practices.

The work is mainly UK with a growing global emphasis.

2021/22 Preferred supplier to LawNet and running PM Forum events such as ‘you’re never sacked by a friend; Cross Selling for 21/22’

Case Study – 20 partner practice – client since 2005

2100 database of local SMEs by sectors

£millions in fees written

40+ leads a year


Targeting SMEs directly for a range of corporate services and managing a database of intermediaries such as: Accountants, PE, and Investment Management

Testimonial and accreditations

A LawNet Member CWJ

In May 2020 CWJ will have been using Chartered Developments for 13 years!


If I take one example. A campaign we ran two years ago. Of the 25 meetings, 3 were converted to clients, earning £17k in fees with a further sale mandate to complete this year at c£75k fees. I have recently received enquiries from two further firms seen the best part of 18 months ago – sometimes these things take time. In a nutshell, we intend to keep using Chartered Developments as part of our BD initiatives; they are professional, get you appointments, and we have had a significant return on investment


Accredited for 5 years.

FSQS: Law firms may not know FSQS by Hellios. It is a very high standard for Risk Management and Compliance used by the Financial Services sector; Banks, Building Societies and Investment Managers. For Law firms it means that our data compliance, security and processes are up to the standard you should expect from an outsourced supplier.


Full BPO or cherry pick services

Data sourcing and optimisation
Lead generation
Client satisfaction reviews and win/loss surveys
Personal lead generation coaching
What does our team say?
Tasmin Moss

Tasmin Moss: With a background as a Private Client Banker for HSBC.

“As well as Law firms, I work with a range of professionals including accountants, actuaries and investment managers. I believe that supporting such a diverse range of clients has given me the knowledge and insight to engage effectively and persuasively with FDs, HR, MDs, Head of Legal etc for lawyers. Law is such a complex sector, very much advisory rather than simply black and white. Therefore, it is so important to have a good understanding and be prepared for the twists and turns that a conversation with a prospective client could take.”

Shaun Headlam:

“It never ceases to amaze me how impactful high-quality lead generation can be. One of our team, came across an article in the FT discussing the restructuring of a DB Pension Plan that proved advantageous for both the sponsor and the members. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of astonishment and pride when we recalled that he had generated the lead for our client to provide advice on this matter.”

Anita Turner MD:

“Before joining Chart Dev I was an auditor with PKF. This experience is important as I know what it’s like to balance client work and business development. So, I have built a team that not only represent our clients well, but importantly won’t waste their time.”