sales pipeline management

Sales Pipeline Management

Help your partners and business development managers improve their return on marketing investment by effectively managing their sales pipelines.  You will close a greater proportion of your prospects, in less time than it normally takes for a greater average fee

Sales pipeline management and Business Development Training

Stay on top of your prospect handling

Sales pipeline management is a juggling act. We help you turn cold prospects into fresh opportunities by identifying improvements in your practices. Manage the entire process with our online marketing management system and you’ll close a greater proportion of your prospects in less time than it would otherwise take

sales pipeline management

Are you letting deals slip through the net?

Do you…

  • Find hot prospects get left in limbo? i.e. they will not make a decision, or, you are unable to get back in to see them
  • Call people to find they have employed a different firm?
  • Find you get constantly misinformed with the wrong decision makers?
  • Experience warm/hot prospects going cold? i.e. they will not speak to you once you have met them
  • Find you have too many prospects to effectively juggle as well as your day job?
  • Know which stages of your sales process need to be improved?