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We create custom content that helps your website rank higher in the search engines and benefit from increased traffic. Our expert writers regularly deliver optimised content, as well as all the social ingredients that you need for online promotion.

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Unique content for professional practices, most definitely does not need to be expensive.
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Why a TBA strategy always wins

We’ve called it a TBA strategy as we’ve seen it have fantastic results time and time again. Why? We have the Tweet which instantly communicates with everyone in your network. There is no better way to create interest in your content than a deftly worded tweet inviting people in.

The Blog contains the key findings in a quick to read format which links to the Article. This looks great on LinkedIn, websites and newsletters and can ignite online message boards and discussion. Everything will link back to you meaning great SEO, more people seeing your name and more people calling in to ask about your services.

Every single article and blog will receive a complimentary SEO audit to ensure we’re true to our word.

Unique content for professional practices is essential

Syndicated articles can actively de-rank websites on Google. Every article, blog, tweet and infographic from Articulus is unique – not carbon copied, which Google immediately red flags.

A lot of websites publish content that is the same, or very similar, to what's already out there. This is a waste of time since search engines will ignore it and the original author will always rank higher.

To perform well, articles needs to be unique and engaging, without using software or "spinning" existing content. This ensures that search engines rank you well and clients find your content interesting enough to promote and share.

Ross StevensDigital marketer

Globally top of Google page 1

Our team have constantly, for three years, got Chartered Developments at the top of Google for business development training. We are applying these SEO skills to our clients.

What is Articulus and how does it work?

Thomas Morgan, Marketing Account Manager at Chartered Developments spotted a flaw in many professional practice websites and marketing material. The online content for professional practices was exactly the same, albeit with a logo and name change.

At best this is ignored by Google and at worst actively de-ranked by Google. A waste of money thought our Tom, surely we can do better. The sea change came. While working for an accountant, one of Tom’s team was told by a prospective client to that accountant “My accountant has exactly the same budget update as the one you sent me, exactly the same, and dull!”

Time for action. Unique is important for Google, Clients and Prospects. But everyone told Tom unique is expensive and it couldn’t be done. However using expert workflow and process management techniques we have developed a system to deliver exactly this. Unique most definitely does not need to be expensive.