B2B Telemarketing

Chartered Developments is the leading Professional B2B Telemarketing company for the Professional Services Sector

We are able to target the key decision makers and arrange meetings with prospective clients for your company

The leads we create are high quality and will lead to high quality appointments

We have a number of specialisms including legal, accounting, banking, actuarial services and technology

b2b telemarketing

A high calibre calling team

The team are business development oriented, focusing on tax, management accounts, fiduciary management, strategic planning, BPO and profit improvement to mention a few.

The distinct advantage is that your existing and prospective clients will be speaking to people that are competent and experienced, in a variety of fields

A high return on investment from leads generated through telemarketing is simple but not easy. Successful business development requires meetings with the right decision makers, who demonstrate a qualified interest and understanding of your concept. This means that the people  on the phone need to represent your brand professionally and effectively

b2b telemarketing

Generating a productive meeting

Our research has proved that the most productive meetings are those where
there has been ‘significant engagement’ with a prospect before an initial meeting

This notion aptly describes the Chartered Developments attitude to appointment making,
for which there is a basic four-step linear sequence:

Has the Prospect…

Understood the concept clearly?

Questioned the concept in detail?

Given their views on the concept?

Discussed their decision making process?

When these steps have been explored individually, we know a prospective client is engaged.
If they are the appropriate decision maker with spending authority and work within an organisation that fits your criteria,
the subsequent appointment is worth attending