Subject access request management and consultancy

Lets be clear

Under the new law every Tom, Dick and Harriet can now insist that you tell them what you know about them. It’s the law that you tell them within 40 calendar days, that’s about 28 working days. The managing of subject access requests is about three things

  • Remaining within the law
  • Reducing your costs
  • Managing your brand

Why you might need help

  • For the uninitiated it takes a lot of time and cost
  • You might give the wrong information and break the law
  • We can advise on what exemptions you can reply on to withhold information
  • If you get it right quickly it can put you in a superb light
  • Angry customers are placated when you respond quickly

Why is it such an issue now?

The biggest problems seem to be knowing in what circumstances you have to deliver information and accessing various databases and paper files!

Twitter is creating a culture and army of easily offended datanimbys. In many cases this is fair enough, however they are unpoliced and have the unfortunate habit of wanting to tell everyone as they point their finger. Bad news about a business now travels at fibre-optic speeds.

How can we can help?

Our team can either consult or set up remote or office based processes to ensure you respond without delay, in the appropriate fashion and get the important feedback.

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