Marketing Technology firms

Technology firms can learn a lot from replicating existing and proven b2b-marketing models. Whilst your technology product is relatively new, b2b marketing is not.

Chartered Developments has been at the forefront of lead generation and marketing for traditional businesses since 1998 and has generated thousands of new business leads on behalf of our clients. We’ve also run some very successful marketing for technology firms.

We have a framework that works and works well. If you would like to talk to a Lead Generation specialist to help market your tech firm then contact us today.

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Marketing Technology Firms – Key Advice

Don’t rely on new marketing channels as your sole route to market. Whilst online channels are appealing, by blending big data and telemarketing into the mix you can reach bigger and stronger audiences that will enable your tech firm to thrive.

You need to stand out from the crowd. Identify your sector specialism, build a database of verified and targeted prospects and create a compelling message to reach them, nurturing them over time.

Read our tips on marketing for Technology firms and see how you can create quality leads and win new clients for your firm.