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New – Covid 19 pressures on Sponsors and Trustees

The Covid environment has placed more pressure on corporate sponsors and increased the burden of trusteeship. This has created an appetite from Finance, Pension Teams and Trustee Board Directors to learn more about market conditions and solutions.

More and more pension and investment institutions are eager to launch campaigns and take advantage of the current conditions but are uncertain how their message will be received. Our evidence and experience confirm that now is the time to go to market.  Please see the commentary from Matthew Dring and Paul Gray below.

What does our team say?

Matt Dring  

Training Development Manager

14 years pensions related lead generation.

“We tailor our telemarketing campaigns to integrate seamlessly into our clients marketing strategies, conveying your values and expertise to achieve your pipeline objectives. Creating qualified leads with Corporate Sponsors, Trustees, Pension Directors, CIOs, HR and Reward teams; the pension decision makers you want to contact.”

Paul Gray

Senior Account Manager

With a certificate in Investment Management, 14 years at Schroders, ABN Amro and  Deutsche Asset Management.

“We have significant experience working on the full range of DB de-risking solutions from Trivial Commutation through to Buy-Out products. We work on campaigns focused on DB consolidation, Integrated Risk Management, DB/DC Mastertrust, DC Auto Enrolment, DC Communication and Engagement, Risk Management, Pension Administration and Pension Regulation.”

Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan

Head of Client Services

Before Chartdev Tom worked for DWP and James Hay Trustees.

In 2006 I was a lead generator for our DB related clients. What was true then remains the case.

Trustees, FDs, HR etc. in privately owned businesses and corporates expect to be courted over the phone. The stats are very clear, once we speak to people, they engage with us, for our clients.”

Case Study

Database Circa 2,300 DB Schemes, Sponsors, Charities and Endowments


1,400+ leads created (face to face and now online)


160+ leads into £1bn+ schemes





Full BPO or cherry pick services

Data sourcing and optimisation

Lead generation


Business development coaching

Testimonial and accreditations

"This was a new initiative for us and the results have exceeded our expectations. The collaboration has been successful, and we have found Chartered Developments to be extremely professional and well organised. Their employees have financial services industry experience which was important. "

Claire Linane | Compliance Officer | KAS Bank

"Our relationship spans 10 years. It started to establish a new office and has grown from there to general lead generation across many departments and sectors"

Lara Daniel Marketing | Capita

Accredited for 5 years.

FSQS: You may not know FSQS by Hellios. It is a very high standard for Risk Management and Compliance used by the Financial Services sector; Banks, Building Societies and Investment Managers. For Actuaries and Asset Managers it means that our data compliance, security and processes are up to the standard you should expect from an outsourced supplier.