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truck and other vehicle fleets

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NEW – Lockdowns, businesses and lead generation into fleet and transport managers, FD’s, IT directors. etc.


  • Decisions have been delayed over the last 8 months or so, as people have tried to work out what ‘Business as Usual means’. In 2021 lead generation rates are very good indeed as the majority of the UK (perhaps with the exception of hospitality) have their systems in place to work wherever they are.
  • Fleet and Transport Managers are open to new ideas. There are Brexit issues which are currently dominating their thoughts. However leasing, software, group litigation and much more all seem to be back on the agenda to get sorted.


Global Supply Chain Software and Consulting


LCV and Truck fleets
in excess of 100 vehicles

15 + appointments
per month

A lead per 7 hours
of telemarketing

Testimonials and accreditations

"This is fantastic we need to make sure there is enough data to keep this working"

Our data supply believes there is enough data to keep this pace going for another 9 months.

Why is our lead generation so successful for our clients?

Our team are hugely experienced

The data supplier is
immensely helpful

Our client management understand the nuances involved

We never
over sell


Fully outsourced or cherry pick the services

Data sourcing and optimisation

Lead generation


Business development coaching

What does our team say?

Alan Hiddleston: 15 year background with Arval, Lex and Pendragon.

For 2021 the traditional routes of networking and deal origination are curtailed. No events etc.

Luckily our telemarketing conversation rates are good and clients can rely on our team to build their pipelines.

Thorl Dicker: Background with BMW.

In 2021 I’m working on four fleet related projects ranging through Class Actions, Software and more.

The world has changed fleet managers, FDs, and heads of legal are far more approachable and open to discussion.

Shaun Headlam: Background with Volvo as call centre manager and dealer sale link.

Our Covid experience in the supply chain and fleet world has been that most people have a far more human and tolerable respect to their peers in the industry.

A typical call and discussion will start with far more niceties than in 2019. In many respects peer to peer telemarketing has been a delight.