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joined us in 1997.

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NEW: September is the time to start nurturing prospective clients.

The majority of year ends fall in December and April and you need to get to know people before the year end. Approach decision makers with messages that resonate with them.  Simply saying that you are an accountant is not good enough. Sector based messages work well as do regional ones such as a message around your local Freeport.

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Database of 1,700 local SMES

45+ leads a year

25% – 38% cost to GRF gained

Testimonial and accreditations

By working together, we have gained many new clients, raised awareness of our accountancy and business advice services and benefitted from intelligence which has helped us shape new services to best meet clients' needs.

Duncan Childs - Meadows and Co.A client since 1998!

Accredited for 5 years.

Accountants may not know FSQS by Hellios. It is a very high standard for Risk Management and Compliance used by the Financial Services sector; Banks, Building Societies and Investment Managers. For Accountants it means that our data compliance, security and processes are up to the standard you should expect from an outsourced supplier.


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Lead generation


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What does our team say?

Jayne Story: I’ve been creating leads for accountants since 2004. For something to work well there must be a hook; it’s often called issues-based lead generation. Can you imagine a time when there are more issues than now?

Before joining the team at Chartdev I ran my own business. I saw my way through the 90-93 recession. Luckily, I had a good accountant!

Marc Hughes: Like Jayne I have been with the ChartDev for a very long time. In this post-lockdown period, SME owners and FDs want to hear from accountants who can make a difference. For example, you may understand a sector very well. Now is the time to focus on the issues within that sector, to show your potential client that you understand their situation and have solutions to offer.

Anita Turner MD: Before joining Chartdev, I was an auditor with PKF, I know what it’s like to balance client work and business development. So, I have built a team that not only represent our clients well, but importantly won’t waste their time.