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Our first asset management client joined us in 2006;
still with us in 2020.

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NEW: Covid and lead generation

By way of background our Asset and Investment Management clients by and large target Institutional Pension Schemes and Insurance/Self Insurance Companies.  They also target IFAs / Investor Platforms / Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals, either directly or through other intermediaries.

The beginning of the Covid story was one where those dealing with the end user client, COMPLETELY focused on servicing clients rather than growth. However, now it would appear that Institutions have adapted new business messaging but are uncertain whether to take it to market. Chartered Development’s experience and evidence is that the market is receptive and that in some instances there is an opportunity cost of NOT engaging or re-engaging with the market.

Sponsors, Trustee Directors, CIOs, Insurance Investment Teams and IFAs appear to have settled down and are evaluating their situations. They are open to messaging and as such the time is right for Asset and Investment Managers to continue with business development and relationship building.

Case Study Targeting IFAs

Database: from an initial list of 1,200 firms. We cleaned and verified 600 that met the criteria


Lead Generation: 60+ leads per annum with MD or equivalent


Pipeline: An ongoing campaign continuously feeding leads
LinkedIn: Most prospects have become 1st connections and put in a Navigator list for tracking, sharing and bespoke messaging

Case Study High Net Worth

The challenge:  To create an intermediary ‘fan base’ for immigration, inheritance, divorce and ‘other’ liquidity events.


Database: Created a prospect database of 640 private client lawyers, and immigration agents


Lead Generation: 8 leads per month both face to face and online


Nurturing: Virtually the whole database is now receiving monthly updates and event invitations


Testimonial and accreditations

"This was a new initiative for us and the results have exceeded our expectations. The collaboration has been successful, and we have found Chartered Developments to be extremely professional and well organised."

Claire Linane: KAS Bank; Compliance Officer

"An added bonus to the business secured is the provision of sources of ongoing referral business.
Chartered Developments are not at all what we expected from a telemarketing company, very professional and knowledgeable of the financial services industry. Clearly experts in their field."

Simon Carter: Carter Dawes; IFA

Accredited for 5 years.

FSQS: You not know FSQS by Hellios. It is a very high standard for Risk Management and Compliance used by the Financial Services sector; Banks, Building Societies and Investment Managers. For Asset and Investment Managers it means that our data compliance, security and processes are up to the standard you should expect from an outsourced supplier.


Full BPO or cherry pick services

Data sourcing and optimisation

Lead generation


Business development coaching

Turnkey Solution for asset managers reaching the UK IFA/DFM market

What does our team say?

Peter Rosenwald

Paul Gray – Account Manager: With a certificate in Investment Management 14 years at Schroders, ABN Amro and Deutsche Asset Management.

“Through telemarketing I create leads for asset and investment managers and nurture their prospects over the long term. And it’s this long term that is so important. The timing must be right. Our most successful clients (those who joined us in the mid noughties and still going) have reaped the rewards of their patience. Up to billions in AUM from understanding the long game.”

Peter Rosenwald – Founded Chartdev in 1997:

“I coach Investment Managers, IFAs etc. in their personal business development. Building processes and ensuring implementation to deliver long term AUM.

Very much like building Chartered Developments, the key to success isn’t rocket science. The key is to continuously do the grunt work. Daily routines on lead generation and brand building.”