B2B Lead generation

A sales pipeline is a living entity. To thrive, it requires a steady stream of new prospects who have a genuine need for your product or service and the means to recompense you in return.

Our lead generation service will ensure that your new business team always has access to high quality, valuable leads which are ripe for conversion. From supplying data to making the right first impression on your behalf, our B2B lead generation specialists will help you identify, locate and interact with your strongest prospects, giving you the best chance of success.

A holistic approach

We take an integrated approach to lead generation. In addition to more traditional services, such as data and telemarketing, we can help you develop a multi-channel campaign to pique the interest of your target market.

As well as advising on messaging for PPC and other adverts, we’ll help you produce the sales collateral needed to reinforce key messaging. From targeted mailers to brochures and website landing pages, our support will ensure that your prospects see consistent and compelling messages tailored to their needs.

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Driving performance

We are uniquely placed to boost your team’s conversion rates by providing sales optimisation coaching. This will help you achieve maximum ROI from any telemarketing or lead generation campaigns.

If your pipeline is looking lacklustre or you are planning to grow your business development team and need extra leads, please contact us today.

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An exceptional approach to telemarketing

Lara Daniel, Marketing ManagerCAPITA

Our relationship with Chartered Developments spans more than 10 years. It started with support to establish a new office and has grown from there to general lead generation across many departments and sectors