Business Development Training

A suite of Business Development Training modules. Delivered via blended learning to help you and your team reach your true potential

Courses to suit the needs of your business

Full programmes, or individual courses

We have developed a full programme which you can use across the business, support leaders with, or bite into as individual modules

The thinking is clear

We will unlock and refine latent sales talent by building the business development capabilities, confidence, and commitment of your professionals. This comes through training and a range of effective learning resources

Head of Business
Development Training
Peter Rosenwald

Manage Business Development
Meet, Win
& Grow clients

Can be delivered as a full programme, or individual modules

The choice is yours…

Business Development

The key questions

The Vital First Meeting

From lead to opportunity

Growing The Client

From first engagement to a full-service relationship

Making Business
Development Work

A quick-start session

Acquiring The Client

Turning an opportunity into engagement

Managing Business Development

Adding value to your client and to your business

Plug-in workshops

Advanced phone skills for lead generation

LinkedIn for brand and contact

Business Development Game: Learn by doing

Being the first person that the client calls

‘Live firing’ projects for specific services, solutions, or clients