Telemarketing training

We help telemarketers deliver improved ROI through effective communication.

Anyone can pick up the phone to a client, but only a true telemarketer can read a call as it progresses, shape its outcome and leave prospects feeling understood and engaged.

Whether you need to reinvigorate an existing calling team or give a new team the vision and skills to deliver, our telemarketing training will give you the results you need.

Six steps to success

Our telemarketing training is a collaborative and invigorating process which will inspire and enable your team in equal measure.

Although training will be customised for your needs, the following steps will always be included:


Taking stock

We benchmark your team’s performance and review calling practices in order to understand current barriers to success, such as data quality issues and gaps in training.


Taking ownership

We take an in-depth look at each team member to understand their unique capabilities and skills. As well as analysing their statistics, we engage with them on a personal level to win their trust and understand what drives them and what’s holding them back. A personalised skills matrix allows each participant to acknowledge their areas of weakness whilst celebrating their strengths.


Developing a framework

Using the skills matrices and information gathered during call listening, we develop a personalised coaching plan for each individual. These ensure that all team members achieve the required standard of competency in essential skills, such as building a rapport, handling objections and appointment setting, whilst enjoying the opportunity to further refine their strengths.


Working SMART

We use our experience to help set realistic, motivational and engaging SMART goals.


Inspiring change

We deliver a customised training and coaching programme using a number of techniques including reviewing call recordings, role playing and live supervised calling. This builds confidence and ensures that calls sound natural and unscripted.

The programme can be delivered in an intensive format or staggered to meet the needs of your business.


Tracking progress

After three months, we review your team’s performance with you, using your SMART goals and previous metrics to assess progress.

If you want to ensure that each call your team makes is as powerful and effective as it can be, contact us today.

Delighted with their professionalism, attention to detail and high quality management information

Richard Beddall, Senior Benefit ConsultantQuantum Advisory

By far the superior telemarketing company

Stewart Elliston, Principal BD ManagerFreeths LLP