Market Research

C Suite and Executive Research and Surveys for thought leadership and improved performance

A professional voice with deep market knowledge

We are the people that agencies and research teams turn to when they need to speak to C Suite, Corporate Executives and Healthcare Managers.

The research teams of Accountants, Lawyers, Actuaries, Financial service firms and Tech companies now come direct to us, rather than paying a premium through an agency

Our team is our USP

Our team is steeped in experiencing covering; DB and DC, Employee Benefits, Law, Accountancy, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Risk and Healthcare at both the UK and Global level. Your assignment will not only succeed but truly reflect the market

We currently have a team of 26 researchers, here are some examples;

Paul Gray

Ex Schroders. Targets DB & DC trust and corporate executives. Completely at home with CEO’s Chairs of Trusts, FDs and HRDs

Daniel Gregory

Ex Aviva. Targets DB & DC trusts and corporate executives. Completely at home with CEO’s Chairs of Trusts, FDs and HRDs

Shaun Headlam

Ex ITV. Shaun’s love is Healthcare executives and GP surgeries. However, daily he works in Law, Accountancy and related DB / DC

Examples of assignments

  • Post pitch analysis of Win and Loss

To improve your Business Development processes and director/ partner competencies

  • Recruitment

Researching candidates

  • Due Diligence in sale and purchase

To understand markets, pricing & brand

  • PR, Case studies and reports

To enlighten the world

  • Office location moves

Understanding concentrations of potential clients and gaps in local markets

  • Product Development

Market gap analysis, pricing & service provision

Core markets

Our clients are predominantly Professional & Financial Services, Corporate Finance and those targeting Healthcare

& Financial Services

Corporate Finance