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Commercial Property Development

By November 3, 2010August 15th, 2018Law firms

Case Study – Commercial Property Development

The Client

A single office firm with 18 partners, based in the southeast, on the periphery of the M25.

The Services

The firm offers a full range of corporate & commercial services, with emphasis on their extensive experience of working with companies allied to the construction industry, particularly from a property development perspective.

The Brief

The client’s profile featured in a legal showcase of a dozen law firms within a “subscription only” business magazine article on commercial property development. Before sending to subscribers, the publisher provided the client with the circulation list for this issue, from which a key target selection of approximately

300 was made. This became the database for a telemarketing campaign, undertaken by Chartered Developments, which began shortly after the client issued their own bespoke letter of introduction to follow-up the magazine article.

The Target

The common criteria linking the companies that made up the client’s target list was:

Location: Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset

Turnover: £10m+

Sector:     Commercial property development

Contacts: The subscriber, usually the Chairman, Managing Director, CEO or

Commercial Director

The Campaign

Telemarketing follow-up began seven days after the client issued their letters to the target list. The objectives of the calling campaign were to:

  1. Verify brand awareness with the named contact, both before and after the magazine, and subsequent letter were sent
  2. Identification of the key contact with remit to engage legal services (if not the named recipient of the magazine and letter)
  3. Establish open dialogue with the “decision maker” to gain information regarding existing advisors, performance review process, and frequency of need and usage
  4. Promote the client’s sector experience, introducing service components to the conversation as appropriate
  5. Arrange a qualified introductory meeting with the decision maker for the relevant fee earner

Using past experience of sector-based campaigns, Chartered Developments estimated that securing a minimum of 9 appointments over an initial trial of 3 months would be feasible. This required the client to contract to 60 hours of calling activity over the quarter.

The Result

On conclusion of the trial campaign, a total of 11 appointments were secured, two of which resulted from initial contact with prospects, who agreed to book a meeting at a later date.

The client gained two instructions relating to contractual work, and a third prospect agreed to add the firm to their legal panel to provide commercial conveyancing services.

Assessing the trial as a success, the client extended the campaign by a further 3 months, allowing Chartered Developments to close off the remaining database, and securing an additional 9 meetings in the process.