Objection Handling

By November 18, 2010one minute guides

What is Objection Handling?

  • It is your reaction to a clients negative response to your proposal or idea.

Understanding objections

  • An objection may seem a definite decision but actually this need not be the case.
  • We can interpret them as disguised buying signals marked by uncertainty and cries for clarity and further explanation – very often coming from a misunderstanding or pre-judged situation.
  • Objections can also be a defence manifestation of innate procrastination.

The Problem

  • Objections are common and stop sales.
  • 75% of people object at least five times before they buy professional services. This statistic emphasises the scale of the problem.
  • As a result professionals’ must be ready and able to deal with objections in order to operate successfully and outperform competitors.

The Solution and Technique

Three basic steps; pause, agree and question back.

  1. Pause. Leave space, don’t jump in with a glib answer, and give yourself time to think. If nothing else, pausing might stop you from saying ‘yes but’, which is of course the start of an argument.
  2. Agree. The essence is that you are not here to fight objections; you are here to help people and level with them. This can be simple. ‘Yes, the investment is certainly more than you are currently paying’.
  3. Question back. You question back in order to expose any underlying reasons for the objection, to encourage people to answer it for you, to let them speak their mind or to let off steam. Use phrases such as ‘what exactly is it that concerns you with the size of our practice’ or ‘what is it exactly that you like about the people you currently use?’ Once they start talking, let them continue until they have either answered the objection, it’s apparent that it wasn’t really the deciding factor or they have clearly described what the real problem is. At this stage you can endeavour to overcome it.

Techniques to overcome objections such as; too expensive, I’ll think about it, I need to check with my co directors, I’m a bit busy now, the other firm are bigger and more can all be gained from the Objection Handling Course offered by Chartered Developments.

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