Route through a meeting

By November 18, 2010one minute guides

The Point

  • There is a defined discipline that works far better than trying to ‘wing’ a meeting with a prospective client.

The Problem

  • There is more of an art to meetings then first meets the eye.
  • In unskilled hands a meeting can at best be dull and at worst ruinous.
  • A bad meeting can lead to loss of the client and loss of reputation.

Solution Checklist

  • Partner is informed of the meeting.
  • Partner does basic research and either calls or sends confirmatory email with proposed agenda.
  • Prospective client might email back. Partner researches the points made.
  • Meeting takes place;
    • Small Talk for a SHORT PERIOD or show me round
    • Partner leads discussion on the business with reference to the agenda
    • May include a very short introduction to the practice
    • Questions about the business / issue in detail
    • Recap issues uncovered and required outcomes
    • Discussion on solutions, all to be linked with a corresponding benefit
    • Closure for deal / next action / next meeting
    • Small talk before leaving or show me round
  • Enter details onto marketing database
  • Send a follow up email

Key Pointers

  • Prepare; questions, answers to likely objections, interesting props and testimonials.
  • Agenda; “shall we get down to business, I have a copy of the agenda, shall I kick off?”
  • Your practice. Keep it short, explain where you fit in, use benefits rather than features.
  • Explaining your services. Use their language, things they have said, and always mention benefits.
  • Always find a legitimate next stage and something for them to do.

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