Fiduciary Management Case Study
Client Profile

A leading global provider of Fiduciary Management investment solutions. These solutions are designed to help clients meet financial objectives, scheme journey plans, reduce business risk, and fulfil their due diligence requirements.

The Brief
• To gain introductory meetings with senior level executives (typically Finance Director, CFO or Chairman to Trustees) to discuss the possible opportunities offered by the fiduciary or “manager of managers” approach.
• To qualify – scheme details, asset size, liabilities, open/closed, valuation date etc.

Target Data
UK based companies, with a DB pension from £15m – £unlimited.

The Campaign
This is an ongoing campaign designed to increase awareness of Fiduciary Management in the Defined Benefit and Pension Fund Investment market place.

The Result
Appointments are made with new and past target firms and the brand awareness of the specialist capabilities of our client continue to be established within the defined benefit sector. The client continues to be in contact with those firms and they have also secured some significant business wins. Chartered Developments have exceeded their target of 110 appointments year on year for 7 years. The project with Chartered Developments is on-going.

Why Chartered Developments
Chartered Developments have been able to assist our client in meeting with potential clients who are considering their pension fund options in today’s volatile
economy. In addition we run win/loss surveys to improve the campaign capabilities. Although the technical details of Fiduciary Management are complex, Chartered Developments are able to converse at a senior level to secure appointments, build relationships and raise brand awareness with key targets on behalf of our client.