5 Drivers for Success

Sales processes need to be organised to be effective. A successful approach to selling is multi-faceted, so you need to be flexible enough to give each element of the process due attention, but organised enough to ensure these elements work for each other.

Prospect and performance management is the core of your sales activity, and to make it work you have to be able to clearly set out your aims, and then how you intend to get there. The first point is to make sure you know your product, as your knowledge of it and its benefit to prospects is critical to the success of it.

Your target data should be determined by the scale of your sales process, think carefully about who you wish to communicate with and at what level, so that your message has the best chance of being interpreted and understood in the way you want it to be.

Although your services may be relevant to a prospect’s business needs, and they have demonstrated enough interest to want to meet with you, it is imperative to remember that a core element of your brand, is you. The initial face to face meeting has to show that you believe in your service, and that you have the knowledge and skill necessary to help the prospect achieve their business goals by using it; part of that skill is letting your personality do some of the work.

To increase your brand awareness, you have to be able to convey your offering in a variety of ways. The right kind of telephone conversation can open the door for your first meeting, if it is appropriately structured and timed. Your initial conversation with a prospect needs to generate intrigue, which can be engineered through clear communication of ideas, and listening. A phone call gives you the chance to answer those important initial questions, and show how your services can help further down the line.

The relevance of your message, and how it resonates with the needs of your prospects, is the foundation for how your brand will be perceived. Tied inherently to your data, making your communication specific will make that first meeting or phone call go that much more smoothly. An unfocused message will lead to more tentative questions from your targets, which will mean the answers to those questions can more easily be answered by your competition.

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