Maintaining a good LinkedIn profile

By November 2, 2011articles

LinkedIn is an important tool in both creating and maintaining business relationships.  Generating and retaining your profile is an essential part in developing your presence on LinkedIn.

Your profile is a form of marketing, and a significant marketing tool for your business.  Anyone can look at it and you should be mindful of making your profile look as professional as possible.

LinkedIn enables you to actively connect with people you have met at seminars, networking events or business appointments. Even if you do not think business will come of your connection now, you never know what that person will be doing, or looking for, next.

As I am sure you are aware, LinkedIn has turned into the social networking sight for business. Whilst sites such as Twitter and Facebook are all about maintaining relations with friends and pursuing personal interests, LinkedIn is about one thing; Business.

The importance of maintaining a good profile for yourself is paramount. You want people to see that you are ‘switched on’ and engaged within your own business community.

Here are the 5 basic steps for setting up your LinkedIn profile.

1. Photo – Make sure you have a professional, smart looking, headshot photo of yourself. Make sure the photo represents you accurately (less than 3 years old).

2. The Summary – this should be a succinct description of your current role.

3. Your Specialities – these are short terms that describe the market you operate in / your areas of expertise. For example ‘Telemarketing’, ‘Accountancy’ or ‘Intellectual Property Law’.

4. Groups – Join some groups that are relevant to your expertise. Groups are a great place to start discussions with those you are not yet connected with. This lets you show off your expertise in a certain field to a group of complete strangers.

5. Recommendations – These are possibly the most important thing to have on your profile! This provides the credibility you need to ratify all the other information on your profile. You can get recommendations from; senior colleagues, clients you have long standing relationships with, friends (for the more personal touch that a profile needs), your lecturers / teachers or old work colleagues.

So, head over to now and get connecting!

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