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Why is the Telephone Still a Powerful Tool in Lead Generation?

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When it comes to generating leads, over the past few decades there has been a surge in the adoption of new technology. From email to social media marketing, it is now possible to access prospects in their thousands, but often quantity comes at the expense of quality. Sometimes, it is necessary to return to more traditional methods of communication to achieve maximum results. At Chartered Developments, we are passionate about the power of the phone call, and our passion translates to an intelligent and personalised approach. In our experience, a phone call can be the best way to persuade and convert a prospect – but what is it about the telephone that gives it an edge over other methods of communication?

Here are a few reasons why you might consider picking up the phone when generating leads:

More personal and easier to target.
At Chartered Developments we have experienced data and calling teams. This ensures that the phone calls we make on behalf of our clients are both targeted to the best individual prospects and are tailored to them. A phone call is the perfect medium for this tailoring: a phone call allows for a conversation in which the caller can react and adapt to the shifting needs of the prospect they are engaging with. By contrast, communicating via an email or a letter is a static process. A phone call is a more personal approach, and therefore it can be more persuasive.
It’s faster.
A phone call is a quick way of qualifying and, potentially, converting a prospect. Because a phone call is a two-way conversation, rather than an email or letter, it is easier for the caller to tailor the conversation, building a rapport with the prospect that encourages them to make a decision.
There is less ambiguity than in writing.
No matter how carefully an email, flyer or web copy is crafted, and no matter how much agonising attention is paid to getting exactly the right message across, there are always ambiguities and misconceptions. A telephone call can help limit these – an experienced caller can recognise when the prospect needs clarification.
It’s universal and low-tech.
Everyone has a telephone and everyone knows how to use them. Unlike the opaquely complex world of digital marketing or the highly skilled world of design, there is no mystery about a phone call. The skill comes from the quality of the conversation and the experience of the caller rather than the technology.
It’s the right tone.
A phone call is more intimate than a letter but more formal than an email, it occupies the “Goldilocks zone” between the two. Tone is important as it can make the difference between failure and success – too informal and you can come across as unprofessional, too formal and you risk sounding generic and stilted. It’s also distinct from a video call. A phone call has the quality of being simultaneously personal and impersonal  – making telemarketing a perfect task for outsourcing.
Finally, it’s cost effective.
No print costs, no travel expenses, no need for expensive add-ons or extras. If you outsource your telemarketing, you will see exactly where your money is spent, and you will easily be able to measure its success.

Despite advances in technology and increasingly sophisticated ways of communicating with large numbers of prospects, telemarketing still has that balance of intimacy, precision and cost-effectiveness that makes it such an attractive lead generation technique for companies. By outsourcing your telemarketing to the seasoned and professional callers at Chartered Developments, you can be assured that all the qualities that a simple telephone call can bring will help to build your business.

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Photo by Mike Meyers on Unsplash