Britain Calling: Why the world is saying yes to the UK

By May 3, 2016Blog

One question we are frequently asked is how our calling team is received when contacting companies outside of the UK.

When planning marketing campaigns we find practices spending a great deal of time deciding whether to employ staff in the target country or to carry out the work globally from the UK. It is an exceptionally pertinent question and one which we can provide a very relevant insight in to.

The team at Chartered Developments routinely contacts business leaders in South & North America, Eurasia and Africa from our Headquarters in the UK. Almost without exception we find the results created through our international work to be consistently strong. This is leading to a compelling pipeline of new business leads for our clients.

The reason for this is twofold, the first is that receiving an international call makes people curious. If someone calls from abroad there seems to be a higher importance assigned to the call from the prospect rather than from someone locally; this increases the likelihood of the PA connecting the call and of a resulting conversation.

The second and most important factor is the brand of the UK itself. The country is highly regarded throughout the world and has an enviable reputation as one the world’s major financial centres. In addition we find that prospects have warmed to the culture and people of the UK and that the distinctive accent makes prospects listen. In essence we find that leaders throughout the world respect Britain and that this positive attitude helps create an open and trusting conversation.

The language is one aspect than cannot be ignored, English is undoubtedly the global language of business. This means that we can call throughout Eurasia, Africa and South America in English and have an effective and insightful conversation. Where a specific language skill is preferred we are fortunate to have a bank of international speakers on hand for such work.

Referring back to the original question of whether a single global marketing base is better than many throughout the world, we find that managing multiple regions can be a very labour intensive task. Working with multiple agencies can create issues around standardising processes across all operations, communication and reporting. One effective agency working globally from the UK can take much of this strain away from managing a labyrinth of people spread throughout the world.

From our experience we have seen that it can be more effective to streamline operations in a single country and that this can greatly enhance efficiency. The UK is a great place to do business with a strong and stable economy, steady government and a vibrant and increasingly talented work force. As an island it seems to come naturally to the UK to reach out to other countries; it is a pleasure that time and time again we are finding a sincere interest in what we have to say. This often leads to new business opportunities and we have been delighted to play our part in helping our clients expand their international reach.

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