7 Tips To Turbo Charge Your Telemarketing Campaign

By November 22, 2016Blog

Ready to win new business and embark on a telemarketing campaign? Then try these 7 tips to make sure you generate the best possible results.

1) Create a targeted database

Create a targeted database that matches your ideal client. Make sure you identify the decision maker within each company as your key target contact. Targeting the right people is paramount for any successful telemarketing campaign.

2) Source their social details

Just because it’s a telemarketing campaign, don’t forget to source email addresses, Twitter handles and LinkedIn url’s. The more ways you can connect with the decision makers the better.

3) Craft a compelling pre call message – Don’t sell, educate

Create a pre-calling message that your target audience will actually want to hear and one that will piquet their interest. If your first point of contact is a sales call, it will most likely land on deaf ears.

4) Create some collateral

Present the pre call message into something that can be delivered electronically such as a PDF or even better a video. In this day and age there are many great formats that you can utilise that can be created quickly, cheaply and published online.

5) Send the message and connect socially

Send the message to the database via email then the decision makers on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn. The more times the key decision makers see your brand and associate it with good, helpful advice the more chances you will have of engaging them on a call.

6) Make the call

Call the decision maker and mention using the pre call message as the opener. Hopefully they will not have only just remembered it but also would have found it interesting. For the fastest results, call the people who responded to the email or connected socially first.

7) Create a post calling pdf to send them right after the call

Once a call is made then send the decision maker a more detailed pdf about you and your company. The more pieces of digital collateral that you can create that will be on their PC, the better. They will see it over time and it will be a constant reminder of you and your services.

8) For best results include an 8th step – Nurture!

People, who engage positively but are not yet ready to use your services, need to be nurtured over time. Send them regular emails and relevant informative content that they will benefit from reading. This will ensure that you get remembered and will be at the forefront of their mind.

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