Keyword search | The vital step in your content

By July 18, 2017Blog
Content for SEO

Before writing a word how do you know what your audience actually wants to read? There’s a constant stream of content expertly written that no one is clicking on. It takes a lot of time and planning to write good content, too much time for it to go unread.

What can be done? A very simple, quick and inexpensive step so that you know what people are actually searching for: an SEO keyword search.

For example, Sue wants to write an article on buying second homes. She writes 500 words focussing on buy to let and second home ownership changes, this is then posted on her company’s website and social media. After 3 days she may have as few as 3 clicks, but why is this?

Had Sue carried out a key word search she would have known that people are actually searching for;

  • Buy to let calculator
  • Buy to let mortgage deposit
  • Buy to let mortgage rates
  • Buy to let remortgage

The above four terms were heavily searched for during Spring 2017. Using these keywords (and variations of these) in an article will not only boost your search rankings but make it more relevant to the audience. And it only takes a slight tweak of the content to transform your results.

You can perform a key word search by just looking for ‘SEO keyword search’ in Google. A multitude of free services will arise. More advanced searches give more detail still, for example, Sue could have seen that the phrase ‘Buy to let calculator’ is searched for approximately 10,000 times a month on Google UK; this is powerful information to have.

By using keywords in the title, the first section of the article and variations of it throughout, it should increase SEO rankings. And the topic will be that much more relevant to your audience.

After having a try with the free services the more advanced options are available at just £49 for a full keyword search on a set phrase. A leading provider of this is Articulus from Chartered Developments at or 01392 247208. We can also help with how your keywords should appear in your articles to ensure your content has maximum relevance for your audience.