From Prospective to Committed Customer in Six Steps

By February 9, 2018Blog

The path from a prospective to a committed customer is not a straightforward one. There are way-makers, blind alleys and occasional potholes that they will need to be guided around before they will commit to your product or service. It is also important to recognise that there is no single path, but each potential customer is an individual with their own motives, needs and preferences. This means that a flexible and intelligent strategy is required, and at the centre of this is direct human interaction. By following the guide below, you will make sure that you have the best chance of converting prospects into customers.

  1. Understand your prospective customer. Ensure that you know your prospective customer and what they are interested in. Their first port of call is likely to be your website, so you need to hone your web content to make the information about your services and product is clear, optimised and easily accessible.
  2. Follow up your leads. Ensure that you have the capacity to capture and assess the information you need to assess the potential value of your customer.
  3. Prioritise direct contact. The best way to do this is through direct contact: the sooner you can enter into a direct conversation with the potential customer, preferably by phone, the better.
  4. Know the stages of your customer’s journey. Make sure you have a sense of how far down the path your prospective customer is towards committing, and make sure you have strategies and segmented emails in place to connect with as broad a range of clients as possible.
  5. Be discerning. Don’t pass on all leads, but sort the strong prospective customers from the ones who are unlikely to commit. Know how to filter and recognise the prospective customers with value.
  6. Keep talking to them. Even after committing to your product, you should continue to develop your relationship through direct contact and emails. One satisfied and engaged customer can lead to many more through recommendations and selling additional services.

A combination of a strong, clear and optimised online presence, a fast-track to direct human interaction, a well-researched and segmented email strategy and a good filtration process will ensure that you can attract the most and the most-likely customers. If you want to ensure that the paths of your prospective customers are managed effectively, our data sourcing and lead generation teams at Chartered Developments can help you develop and nurture a prospects list through to qualified appointments. For more information on how please get in touch.