Agile Sales: How a more flexible approach can create tangible results

By March 12, 2018July 27th, 2018Blog

The concept of agile sales is a shift away from more static and monolithic traditional approaches. It was formed in the technology sector but has now been adopted across the board and is recognised as the best way to generate business in a rapidly shifting market. Flexibility and transparency are the watchwords for the agile sales approach, and Chartered Developments can offer both with its combination of lead generation, telemarketing and digital marketing expertise, promoting an open, robust and tailored approach to sales.

So what are the key areas that companies need to be aware of when considering agile sales? The requirement to be more flexible in approaching sales starts with the sales-team and their dynamic.
The agile sales approach requires frequent group planning and review sessions, ensuring that the sales-team is able to review previous performance and plan for the day accordingly. This increases accountability, another key element of agile sales, and flexibility ensuring that the team is self-supporting in responding to changes to the sales landscape.

Setting short term goals allow teams to be more flexible. By breaking down the larger and more unwieldy goals into bite-sized objectives, a sales-team can adapt more easily to shifting factors, and are encouraged to be more consistent in their team working.

A consistent and transparent monitoring of results also supports this agile, flexible approach, ensuring that a sales plan is malleable, able to adapt to changing factors such as market changes, new legislation or changes to a company strategy.

The tailored and flexible expertise offered by Chartered Developments: lead generation, telemarketing and digital marketing, are the perfect complement to the agile sales approach. Our marketing services are personalized to the needs of individual clients and are transparent; we keep clients informed and connected with our work at all stages and offer reports and call-recordings that demonstrate the successes of our work. Our expertise in telemarketing and communicating with prospective customers offers the perfect balance of flexibility and adaptability.