Winning @ Work!

By July 11, 2018Blog

We spend a lot of time behind our desks here at Chartered Developments.

While we aren’t alone in this (according to Science Daily “people spend on average five hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk”) we understand the importance of being active… and we also like to win. Acutely aware of this a light bulb went off when our Head of Employee Engagement was introduced to Earth Miles @ Work: the time had come for another office challenge.

The challenge: participants were organised into teams. To win, a team had to walk the most miles in a month.

The prize: breakfast for the winning team at an award-winning local eaterie.

Participants signed up to the app and the competitive walking began. It was a closely fought competition and the miles that were recorded were walked everywhere from Budleigh to Budapest… but in the end it was won by “Between a Walk and a Hard Place”.

Huge congratulations to Melanie, Jason, Dan (pictured above) and Debbie (the photographer) for winning!