Chartered Developments – where are we going next?

By February 19, 2019September 3rd, 2019Blog

The world is changing – and Chartered Developments is changing with it. It continues to deliver first rate lead generation services to companies nationally and internationally, with a commitment to preparation, creativity and gravitas, and takes advantage of the opportunities that arise through new regulations, the shifting perception of telemarketing and the ever-increasing importance of digital marketing.

Today and into the future

I spoke with the Managing Director Anita Turner about where the company is today and how it is preparing for the future. Anita began by summarising why she feels that Chartered Developments has had such longevity in the field, and why she believes it is perfectly placed to continue to innovate in the lead generation world:

‘We know our market; we know what we’re good at. We have exceptional people here with incredible backgrounds, the experience within our team includes: asset management, banking, legal, commercial insurance and many of the team have run their own businesses; the knowledge they bring is invaluable.’

In short, the emphasis Chartered Developments places on recruiting mature and experienced callers is how it is ensuring its continued success. The company has broadened its focus to include other sectors, as Anita states: ‘the team we have now are strong in the areas of pensions, employee benefits and financial sectors. We know what our strengths are and we have the team to deliver in the future.’

This is important, particularly when considering the opportunities that arise for any company in this sector. I asked Anita to describe some of these opportunities and how Chartered Developments is equipped to take them.

‘Moving forward, there are a range of opportunities that Chartered Developments is well placed to meet, all arising from perceived challenges including the idea that telemarketing, lead generation on the phone, is less relevant and that everything is now digital, but all these aren’t true.’

Let’s start with the first opportunity:

1. Intelligent and personal telemarketing is thriving.

There can be a negative view of telemarketing – but it is one based on a lack of understanding about the sector and the service. Anita reflects on where this misconception came from. She suggests that a lot of the damage to the perception of telemarketing was done by the high volume of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) calls. This began when payment protection was mis-sold to people and ended up with court rulings, and PPI compensation claims running into the millions:

‘there has been bad press around PPI calling, accident claims and general nuisance calls. This couldn’t be further from our market of B2B, well thought out campaigns and carefully researched calls. Our team is focused on nurturing and making sure that we are not doing high volumes of calls but finding the right people to talk to; getting communication in place to line up a meeting at a future time. It’s about quality – not quantity. The Chartered Developments methodology is the opposite of the scatter-gun approach you may see from some call centres.’

Chartered Developments uses the best data to find the right people, in Anita’s words: ‘our calling is the tip of the iceberg – much of the effort is the research and work that goes before it’. When the right contact has been identified, the subsequent call will give value to those people rather than simply trying to sell something to them.

2. GDPR has increased the appetite for more intelligent telemarketing.

GDPRThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. There was a perception that given the increased regulations, telemarketing would be adversely affected. However given the right expertise and advice, telemarketing in the GDPR world should be more, not less effective.

Anita confirms:

‘GDPR is really important. People are more careful about who they contact now – and that’s a good thing. Having expertise in data – making sure data is correctly sourced is essential in reassuring people. The data team at Chartered Developments has worked within the guidelines and followed the best practices of the DMA from the beginning. We were GDPR compliant before GDPR came into force.’

3. Telemarketing and digital can work together.

telemarketing and digital marketingThe world of digital marketing is ever expanding, but there is still a pivotal role for telemarketing. I spoke to Anita about the impact of digital marketing on what Chartered Developments offers:

‘what people are buying when they come to Chartered Developments is market intelligence and experienced calling. We all know the digital world and how volatile it can be – always shifting. Companies are investing in LinkedIn and SEO and Paid Advertising but the parameters are constantly changing. It’s becoming a bidding war and you don’t have control over what changes. You have complete control with the intelligence we gather, that is where the sustainability comes from for our offering and why it should be part of an ongoing marketing strategy.’

It’s the personal contact that you get with Chartered Developments that distinguishes it from a solely digital approach. The world of digital marketing isn’t going away but, in the words of Anita,

‘companies have a digital presence and people may respond to the content you have through your website, but what you can’t get from that is the granular conversation with them about topics that are important to them like budget or their competitors etc. We can respond to feedback from them in a way that you don’t get with a digital approach. It’s important that you balance your digital strategy with a more personal approach – sometimes you need to pick up the phone and have a conversation.’

Follow our upcoming blogs for more on how Chartered Developments and their related company Chartered Digital work to achieve this balance.

Chartered Developments is thriving because the company is perfectly suited to meet the opportunities in the telemarketing sector. The changing perception of cold calling caused by the PPI scandal and the new data protection regulations have revealed how Chartered Developments stands apart from other lead generation companies; how its careful and considered approach to both data management and telemarketing means that it is ideally suited to continue to deliver.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about what we can offer and how we are planning to continue to deliver tailored and expert lead generation services in the future.