Getting Personal: How Intelligent Personalisation Can Help Generate Leads

By July 9, 2019 September 3rd, 2019 Blog

What is personalisation?

Personalisation is the art of giving your customers an experience that feels unique. At the recent Customer and User Experience event at London’s ExCeL, we spoke to a number of agencies that specialise in personalising the customer experience, from websites with custom made pages only accessible from designated geographic areas or even specific businesses, to artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. Other examples of personalisation include email campaigns in which each message is tailored to a demographic and social media campaigns that use drilled down data to access decision makers.

These are all potentially quick and efficient ways of approximating personal contact, but this is something Chartered Developments does naturally with rigorously researched and intelligent telemarketing. In short, these systems give the illusion of personalisation, whilst we give our prospects a real personalised experience.

Personalisation and telemarketing

Personalisation is undoubtedly a useful and an important approach to successful lead generation, but when taken to extremes it can lack the persuasiveness and effectiveness of one-to-one contact. When combined with intelligent telemarketing, however, personalisation can be a powerful tool. With this in mind, here are some ways we combine personalisation with our telemarketing:

Researching your lead

The phone calls we make are never cold. We always prepare for our calls with a careful process of research. This starts with a series of in-depth conversations with the companies we are calling on behalf of so we understand both their ethos and what makes them distinctive. We then research the individuals we are calling, for example their location or their position in the company. In short, we search for any detail that can help inspire and maintain a connection.
Social media is ideal for this. For example, if they have a LinkedIn profile we will look for a common connection that can help open up the conversation: the groups they are a member of or even where they went to school – anything can be a potential ice-breaker.
Develop the connection

Once the call begins the personalisation strategy continues. The key is to be agile – our version of personalisation is not about making the recipient of our call feel like they are getting an individual experience, it is about actually giving them an individual experience. To this end, the conversation needs to shift and flex depending on the circumstance.
Our callers don’t work from a script, so they aren’t limited by the constraints of a preordained set of questions and responses. Instead, they are experienced enough to ensure that the conversation is pitched just right to make that connection. I’ve expanded on one of the techniques they often use in this article about storytelling in lead generation: how recounting experiences about a ‘guru’, a successful campaign in the past, or even using a metaphor can help forge that all important connection with the recipient of your call.


Know how you can help

Once you have a good understanding of the individuals you are calling, it is important to examine the results of this research and to think about how to use this information in your call. Part of this is simply to be able to suggest solutions to the problems they are facing, and by doing so reassuring them that you have their individual needs in mind.
It can go deeper than this. In this article called ‘Bridging the Emotional Gap’, I examine the different things driving the desire for change and improvement in a business, and how we are ideally placed to get to the heart of this desire. Understanding what makes a business tick and how to build rapport and trust with an individual within that business is a key to a successful telemarketing call.

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