Powering up the Podcasts

By July 23, 2019September 3rd, 2019Blog

At Chartered Developments we understand that intelligent telemarketing is the golden ticket to generating leads. There is nothing like a persuasive and productive conversation on the phone for converting prospects into clients. Having said that, an outbound marketing campaign such as telemarketing often works best when coupled with inbound marketing.

Great content can create a solid foundation for a brand and a forum to express the expertise of a company. However, blog posts are becoming harder to write. In 2018, Google publicly shifted towards rewarding content that demonstrates authority and expertise, so the days of generically produced and repurposed blogs are numbered. At the same time, Google also expanded the field of what type of content can be used to represent your company and to increase your search engine rankings.


This article outlines how Google has now started to include podcasts in search results. A podcast is a bit like a personalised radio show, tailor-made for niche interests or, much like a company blog page, a forum for exploring the services, ethos and expertise of a company.

The rise of the business podcast

Podcasts for business are becoming ever more popular. A comparison on Google trends between ‘How to make a podcast’ (in blue) and ‘business podcast’ (in red) over the last five years shows how interest in both terms is increasing. Crucially, there is an opportunity gap between those searching for podcasts and those searching for how to produce them. Here’s the graph:

Podcasts are a way of giving a business a direct voice. They are episodic, which means that they can be structured in a variety of ways to suit requirements. Podcasts need not just be about direct marketing (although, when done correctly, they will influence sales) they can also be used to build brand awareness, add value or train and induct new staff members or clients.

Podcasts, like a website, represent a company and therefore need to be well produced, well structured and of a professional quality. You wouldn’t want a blogpost written in comic sans with typos or a website with no calls to action. In the same way, you wouldn’t want a podcast with muffled voices or one that doesn’t come to a point.

The Benefits of Podcasting

There are many benefits to podcasting:

  • They are convenient for the business to produce, particularly if writing is onerous or time consuming. This makes them an ideal platform for senior members of staff to get their voices heard;
  • Compared to blogs, which are read, or videos, which are watched, podcasts are easy to ‘consume’. They can be listened to whilst commuting to work or even whilst at your desk;
  • They are easy to distribute online – much like a blogpost, a podcast episode is ideal for promotion on social media;
  • They are accessible, and they can be transcribed to increase accessibility;
  • They are good for search engine optimisation (SEO) (see the article above);
  • They are good for repurposing: a podcast episode can be the foundation for a variety of other content forms such as blog posts, animated videos, infographics, case studies etc.

It’s clear that there are many advantages to podcasting, no matter what your business is. With the right technology and the right expertise, you can create a series of audio episodes on a range of issues and subjects pertinent to your company. This will enhance the value of your brand, relay the expert knowledge you have, help to improve your search engine rankings and, ultimately, create a potential foundation for a telemarketing campaign.

At Chartered Digital, the digital arm of Chartered Developments, we don’t just stop at websites. We have experts on hand to help with the technical requirements for recording podcasts, the intricate process of sound editing and the preparation of the material for the episodes themselves. For more information about what advice, guidance and support we can offer you in recording your podcast, get in touch with us.