Outsourcing Your Lead Generation

By September 17, 2019December 20th, 2019Blog

There are always tasks in any business that, without a person recruited to specifically do that task, take resources from existing staff members. At Chartered Developments, we understand that activities such as business development can be effectively outsourced. Below we explore the main areas that outsourcing lead generation will benefit your business and what you might need to consider when choosing an outsourced lead generation agency such as Chartered Developments.

Outsourcing lead generation can result in:

More time

Recruiting seasoned professionals to perform one dedicated task such as telemarketing is a great way of saving time. With experience comes efficiency – so outsourcing to professionals such as the Chartered Developments calling team can cut down significantly on the effort of undertaking tasks that you either don’t understand or don’t do on a regular basis. Outsourcing also means you release your current staff from ancillary tasks, helping them to dedicate their time to their actual roles. This will result in a more focused workforce.

More money
More time and a more focused staff often results in more money coming in. Outsourcing lead generation means that you unlock resources and time in your existing workforce allowing them to focus on increasing productivity, whilst releasing staff members from tasks to which they might not be suited or might not enjoy will increase their motivation.
A pool of extra skills 

Finally, outsourcing gives your business access to a pool of extra skills. It means you don’t need to look inwards for talent – instead you can cherry pick the right people for the right jobs, expanding the scope of your business, efficiently sourcing only the right people to offer solutions to particular challenges. Through outsourcing, your business can become more streamlined and more balanced.

What you need to consider when outsourcing

Know where to go

At first glance, this is the easy bit as there are so many options for finding companies who undertake lead generation on behalf of other businesses. Finding the right and the best agency for you is harder. Websites that provide platforms that connect businesses with outsourcing agencies can be useful, but for a more bespoke, more expert service such as Chartered Developments, it’s important to research your market and pay attention to what other businesses are doing. Follow your nose on LinkedIn.

Build and maintain trust

Once you have found a potential company to outsource lead generation to it’s important to ensure you will be able to build and maintain trust with them. They will be an extension of your company, so it is crucial that they share your priorities and your ethos. Before you negotiate with them, make sure you set down your goals – what you expect to achieve from the outsourcing. It’s not always about keeping costs down – it’s often about giving certain tasks an injection of expertise, so it is important to make this objective clear from the outset. Once you and the business you are looking to outsource your buisness to are on the same page it is important to maintain this trust by keeping in touch with them. Know what the steps are with the outsourced work they are doing for you and know what questions you need to ask to make sure they stay on track.

Give them freedom

Whilst it is important to keep in touch with your outsourced agency, you also need to acknowledge their expertise. You have turned to them because they know what they are doing so whilst you need to ensure that they are providing a quality service that meets your requirements, the details of that service, the day-to-day process of undertaking the tasks you have outsourced, should be managed by them. In short, avoid micromanaging and give your outsourced agency the freedom to unleash their expertise on the task they are dedicated to undertaking – it’s what you’re paying them for.

Why Choose Chartered Developments for Outsourcing?

At Chartered Developments, we understand how important the relationship between our clients and their outsourced agencies are. Lead generation is ideal for outsourcing: time consuming and expensive, it is the perfect task for delegating to the right company. Our clients find that by outsourcing their telemarketing, lead generation and data cleansing to Chartered Developments, they can save time and money, and, crucially, achieve better results.