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Data Hygiene – how we can help

By January 7, 2020Blog

“Data is the bedrock of any telemarketing campaign. By ensuring you have the best and the most up-to-date data, you can ensure that the appointment arranged on your behalf is with the right person in the right position and in the right place. Getting the data correct in the first place is critical.” (Anita Turner)

What is it?

Data hygiene is the process of making sure the data you hold and use is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. In order to comply with Data Protection regulations and to avoid any errors during campaigns, it is essential that your data is robust, accurate and sourced in the correct way. The hygiene process is a comprehensive series of steps that includes knowing where to source the best data through to carefully auditing and updating the data you hold. How data is sourced, optimised and retained are crucial factors in the preparation and conduct of a telemarketing campaign. Chartered Developments has the expertise and experience to support all aspects of your data requirements.

So why is data hygiene so important? What are the possible issues that could arise from poor data?

Why is data hygiene so important?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, highlights the rights of the individual regarding the use of data by companies:

“Your data is your data. It belongs to you so it’s important your data is used only in ways you would reasonably expect, and that it stays safe. Data protection law makes sure everyone’s data is used properly and legally.”

Amongst other rights, an individual is legally allowed to know how their data is being used, they have the right to challenge the accuracy of their data and they are allowed to object to how their data is being used. An outline of the personal data rights of individuals can be found here:

The scope of the comprehensive rights make a robust data hygiene strategy all the more important. In addition to this, however, having the best sourced data and having the expertise to ensure that it is both correct and compliant, is also crucial in terms of delivering results in a campaign.  In this article for, Jonathan Herrick notes that:

“Customer data decays at a rate of 30 percent per year. In some markets with high employee turnover, that data can unravel at a shocking 70 percent each year.”

This decay, what Herrick describes a kind of ‘creeping data disease’, can manifest itself in missing, inaccurate or duplicate data that is not compliant with the law. This sounds alarming, but with the right support, it needn’t be.

How your data is used

How we can help?

I spoke with Managing Director Anita Turner about how  Chartered Developments can support companies with their data cleansing and hygiene requirements:

“Chartered Developments work with the best data suppliers both across the UK and internationally. We have suppliers with expertise in different areas: for example data suppliers who specialise in  human resources or legal data.”

Chartered Developments offer a holistic data service. We source the best data and we work with our clients to do further research on the data. Using this forensically curated marketing data we can strategically target prospects on your behalf. Our calling team will regularly engage with a prospect database, ensuring details of any changes are correct. Furthermore, we have a research team who can undertake bespoke requests to gather data that isn’t readily available.

Chartered Developments has the experience and expertise to help you with all your data requirements from sourcing the best quality data to updating it to keep it accurate and fresh. Get in touch for more information about how we can help.