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A New Dawn

Hi everyone

Here’s a lovely video from last Wednesday of a sunrise at 5.40 in Sidmouth, it’s a metaphor with a voiceover describing what’s happening in lead generation right now.

If you cannot watch the video then the following describes the current state of play.


“For the first two weeks of lockdown there was little sense in carrying out lead generation.

Enough of our clients have now continued their work with us for conclusions to be drawn.

In short if you have the right message to the right markets, lead generation rates are very good indeed. If we consider the common themes now, you can see why for the right market and differentiators you can help people.

Business is trying hard to work as effectively as possible.
Certainty has disappeared and in many cases been replaced by experimentation. Retrenching to the same old, in most cases, is not an option so people are looking forward and trying to second guess or at least experiment with new ideas.

Zoom and Teams have given us a playing field to play our game effectively.
Many of us, so far, have been pleasantly surprised with our first experiments. Zoom and Teams etc. are examples that have proved a delight and a game changer.

Our goals and ambitions may have changed but how we meet them has changed. Most decision makers are now getting their priorities clear and know that they do not yet have all the tools to get there and are happy to listen.

With regard to lead generation consider the decision makers themselves.
They are in the same boat as most of us. They’re at home, unencumbered by so many ‘internal’ meetings and travelling, their personal admin has never been better, they’re busy yet available and importantly they are open to ideas, looking to experiment. They are also concerned for others. Surrounded by family who in many cases they are helping with education. I’ve had to reacquaint myself with sohcahtoa! Which I loved at school 40 years ago but had, as it turns out, completely forgotten.

There are less people surrounding decision makers. PAs and reception are often furloughed, so the incidence of getting through to decision makers has increased.

When we do speak to people, they are far less rushed, more personable, the Covid common ground is real.

As a consequence FDs, MDs, CEO, HRDs, and Chairs of Trusts are all more likely to respond to well presented and importantly resonant messages / differentiators, presented by someone with a sensitive approach.

So if you are tempted to re-start lead generation the watchword must be sensitivity and the ethos is that we’re all in this together. And ensure that your message / differentiators support the current state of play.

Warmest to you all and I would like to thank my friend Jane Tagg for sending me her video.”