Three essential steps to ethical crisis marketing

By April 6, 2020Blog

Ethical crisis marketing: How to get your message right

Pandemics, government lockdowns and even extended home working probably gives you a very unusual working day, and most of your clients will be feeling the strain too. However, people are also rightly concerned about maintaining their livelihoods. You’re very likely to be considering how to continue marketing your services in an ethical manner during this crisis.

There are three key points you should remember in all of this:

This isn’t business as usual

Your customers are human beings, so it’s likely that they are facing anxieties and concerns about what is happening in the world. Now probably isn’t the right time to push ahead with your standard marketing plan without some reflection over your messaging. There’s a real danger you’ll not only offend people but also cause prospects to question your ethics.

You can still talk to customers

Having a conversation with existing or prospective customers is still acceptable. With many people working from home there’s likely to be a growing sense of isolation and the personal touch can be welcome. You can adapt your offering to provide help and support to those in need. This can be inbound helplines, business continuity planning and guidance around claiming government grants or furlough payments. It means you stand a better chance of finding a receptive audience; it’s not that all marketing is wrong, it’s just a matter of finding the right message.

Start planning for when things get better

Even if your sales pipeline is looking lean at present, time can be spent on preparing for when you can get back to business as usual. Data is a key area that many don’t dedicate enough time to. If you’ve got some spare time look at updating contact names, ensuring your data is in license, GDPR compliant and that the profile of your data is still right for the purposes you need it for.

And lastly, don’t panic. Normal life will resume at some point, however the way in which people market themselves may change for some time to come. Trying to sell as normal throughout a crisis can sometimes feel insensitive. However when it is done in an open, supportive and positive manner there is potential to create a real sense of goodwill and to strengthen relationships.

The way in which business works in the future may change permanently so it’s a great time to trial new ways of marketing. And even if you can’t sell right now, the groundwork can be done for when you can.

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