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Building Trust in Online Sales Meetings: Research Paper Introduction

Watch our video above of Peter Rosenwald, Chartered Developments co-founder and project leader Holly Blount to hear our experiences and advice for building trust in virtual face-to-face sales meetings.

Trust is a fundamental component of the buyer/seller relationship and since Covid-19 there is no doubt that it is needed now more than ever. We have been forced to transition into the world of virtual sales, whether we like it or not – indeed, this is why we saw fit to title our paper: ‘Building a Digital Humanity’. But what does this mean for building trust? Can we still create new relationships without relying on the human element of face-to-face meetings?

The simple answer is yes.

Trust can be built and maintained in virtual sales meetings; all you need is a new approach. Whether you are new to online conferencing or it is something long built into your repertoire, times are changing for everyone. This is why we found it necessary to research a plethora of advice which will encourage you to adopt new techniques, accentuate what you already know and adapt to virtual sales.

In our attached paper on how to create trust in a digital humanity, we outline the problem by delving into the psychology of trust, applying this to virtual sales meetings. We underscore the key technological barriers you need be aware of in online communications and then work to solve these through our structured approach to building trust: focussing on pre-meeting, the meeting and post-meeting.

Importantly, our information is not only informed by referring to the studies of psychological experts, but also by years of experience in online face-to-face sales meetings. Alongside Chartered Developments’s own experience and expertise, we have spoken to our clients to understand the key steps top companies are taking to see success in the virtual world. We also gathered our own primary research by sending a small survey to experienced professionals.

Chartered Developments know that a new approach is needed for these changing times. We also know that it is necessary to maintain the image of your company and brand regardless of the medium. We hope our paper will be useful for you to adjust our tips and guidelines into your own virtual sales approach, while we are here to answer any further questions you may have.

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