Lead Generation to the institutional and retail markets

The vid is an update from Paul Gray, telemarketing account manager for the institutional market, at Chartered Developments.

Through April and May 2020 we are running telemarketing campaigns into both trust boards and corporate sponsors for a range of suppliers to the market; actuaries, investment consultants, fiduciary managers etc.

If you are in two minds whether to approach these markets now, the evidence is clear. Decision makers are accessible and willing to hear from people who have a relevant / resonant solution. Our lead generation rates are very good and the outcomes from subsequent Zoom style meetings and phone calls is encouraging.

The incidence of getting through to people is higher because; there are fewer PAs and reception, voicemail isn’t turned on nearly as much and decision makers are at their desks, there’s nowhere else to go.

Importantly though if you have something of value to say, trustees, FD, HRDs etc. listen. They know their world is turning, all the answers are from clear. They appreciate a valuable conversation.

Chartered Developments know that you will re-positioning your services and messages to fit the current climate. We can undoubtedly help you reach the right people.

Contact Peter Rosenwald at peter@chartdev.co.uk

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