Mental Health Awareness Week

By May 20, 2020Blog

This is Mental Health Awareness Week and in the interest of this year’s theme of kindness we have encouraged our wonderful team at Chartered Developments to #SpeakYourMind and have been sharing our tips for how we are being kind to ourselves and coping in this pandemic. Sharing our stories and reaching out to each other with our positive messages and tips for coping helps us see that we’re not alone in the challenges we’re facing.

There is a wealth of helpful resources at but to get you started here are our teams top tips which I wanted to share with you :

I’ve turned my attention to learning how to bake bread. It requires me to be detail orientated, precise and accurate which I thrive on … and is something I can retain control over.

I think I’ve probably slightly changed my viewing habits TV-wise and sought out some ‘lighter-hearted’ and comedy stuff to watch to lighten the mood and keep me distracted from the doom and gloom.

Recording music and regular spells of gardening

Learning French – badly!

The importance of having a routine, making memories and spending time outdoors.

Keeping a gratitude journal – write down five things that you have done during the day that has made you feel positive. Always a winner.

I enjoy practicing Yoga. Aside from the physical benefits it helps you reach a state where you are experiencing being of ‘now’, ‘present’, ‘mindful’, ‘aware’. Being in the present helps to de stress.

Walking on fresh grass in bare feet is a great stress reliever.

Grow your own produce. Doesn’t matter whether you’ve got acres, allotment or window box. Very therapeutic watching it growing and nurturing.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the big picture, focus on small kind things that you can reward yourself with and surround yourself with uplifting things like your favourite feel good music to create a positive atmosphere.

I use a meditation app called Calm.

Buying in extra broadband and data to limit family meltdown.

I definitely think that sunshine and exercise have helped my state of mind as well as healthy eating.

Stopped watching all news.

I’ve found two 5k routes which has increased most of my family’s fitness.

Plenty of sunshine, plenty of family time, stopped watching the news so much.

I’ve tried to not put pressure on myself to feel fine all of the time, I’ve accepted that I and those around me will have bad days and that’s ok and they will pass.

Sticking to routines and making a distinction between the week and the weekend really helps.

Every evening the family play a game.

I don’t know if it’s because there is less air pollution and noise about, but I’m noticing little things like birds singing, different trees/plants and properties that I’d never noticed before…

The main positive is spending all this time with my boy, we share all our meals and we've been reading and practicing walking, all lovely things.

Overall, just taking things day by day, week by week and trying not to worry too much about the future or think about plans I had in the diary.

I’m trying to ignore negativity on social media and am following lots of positive pages now like mindfulness…

I have made sure that despite being isolated I stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. I try and do things I enjoy rather than just trying to mark time.

Cooking, reading, music, clearing out the house – strangely therapeutic, I’m getting rid of loads of stuff!

Daily morning exercise, limit news intake

Starting the day with about 30 mins exercise at home

I hope you enjoyed reading our top tips and perhaps there’s some food for thought that you can take away. If you are reading this as an employer and are keen to ensure that you’re doing all you can to look after your employees mental wellbeing, this week and every week,  there is lots of useful information available at  . We at Chartered Developments have experience of introducing employers to wellbeing providers with really beneficial results, if you would like more information on how we can help with this we’d love to talk to you.

– Janet Green, Operations Director

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